Meilleure clinique de fertilité sur la Rive-sud de Montréal

An ambitious fertility clinic: the story behind Miacleo

Miacleo is a state-of-the-art fertility clinic located on the South Shore of Montreal that offers an unparalleled and innovative service to address infertility. The clinic’s team is composed of several of Quebec’s top reproductive medicine professionals, including Dr. Carole Kamga and Dr. Julio Saumet, who are also the founders of this ambitious project.

Julio and Carole have developed, since their meeting in 2007, a strong friendship based on mutual support and team spirit during their residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Université de Montréal.

Great visionaries with common interests in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, they have traveled across Canada and internationally to learn about the latest advances in the field. Their mission was to learn about the latest technologies in the field of fertility in order to eventually create the best service in Quebec to address infertility.

We wanted to bring together in one clinic the elements that humanize the approach to fertility and an outstanding laboratory that would include the best technologies.

We know every wire and filter put into the clinic. We are 100% committed to this project.

When two enthusiasts discuss a dream.

Carole and Julio both obtained a subspecialty in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University of Montreal.

They had a common dream to have their own clinic in the field. The two professionals recall a funny anecdote related to the beginning of their project.

While waiting for their flight back to Montreal during a trip, they decided to sit on the floor in the corner of a departure lounge to brainstorm on their fertility clinic project. So passionate and dedicated to their vision, and overwhelmed by their flood of ideas, they missed their flights twice in a row. Supposed to arrive early in the morning, they finally arrived in Montreal in the afternoon!

Their dedication and involvement in the emergence of this project was palpable. They put their heart and soul into developing a company that stands out considerably in the fertility field.

In order to obtain exceptional results, the Miacleo IVF laboratory was meticulously designed by the two doctors. They have traveled extensively around the world to meet with different teams and specialists in the field of fertility and endocrinology. This curiosity and devotion to excellence is a testament to the fact that these two passionate individuals know their expertise inside and out.

Where does the name Miacleo come from?

Dr. Carole Kamga and Dr. Julio Saumet wanted something unique about the name of their fertility clinic and wanted to be different from what is currently being done in the industry.

For them, it was important to select a soft, warm and friendly name that was focused on the outcome of the process – the baby! Getting a name that focused on hope was what they wanted. They wanted their patients to hold on to the outcome of the process, not the process.

The name behind the Miacleo Clinic comes from a touching story told by a couple who sought the services to alleviate infertility. It is dedicated to two twins born from a long fertility journey and process. Mia was the name of the little girl and Cleo was the name of the little boy.
It was a beautiful gift and a touching story that inspired them to choose the name.

We wanted to change words that remind the technical and medical side of fertility.

The remarkable involvement behind this project

Today, the two friends are proud to collaborate with qualified and dedicated colleagues composed of doctors, nurses, embryologists and the administrative team.

The fertility clinic, offering an exceptional service, was inaugurated during a difficult period, in the middle of the pandemic, when the first consultations were done by videoconference.

“The project was finalized during the Covid period. We used our management skills to continue the project and bring it to completion in a context of reduced manpower and materials. We were supported by our patients, who were just as excited as we were, to begin treatments with us.”

Miacleo is a fertility clinic located on the South Shore of Montreal built on a solid vision and mission between two close friends. The investment and excellence of these two doctors have created a business that stands out for its thoroughness and the quality of the services offered.

“Miacleo is the result of many years of visualization, research and hard work. It is the realization of a great dream and the opportunity to practice our profession in optimal conditions allowing us to offer the best service to our patients.

About the founders of the clinic, a remarkable journey!

Dr. Carole Kamga is a human and inspiring obstetrician-gynecologist, mother of two teenagers, who is also the head of the CHUM’s obstetrics-gynecology department despite her young age. This woman of Franco-Cameroonian origin has had a most inspiring career, as she has distinguished herself by her strength of character, her engaging personality and her determination.

In addition to all the energy and heart she puts into her profession and her business, she gives a lot of her time as a volunteer to help her community. For example, she is a member of the Cameroonian Physicians Association of Canada and she frequently gives conferences on various topics of interest, including a recent conference entitled “Fibroids and fertility: what are the particularities for the African-Canadian population”.

She has also participated for the past few years in the Black Women’s Show in Montreal. She also enjoys simple moments spent with friends with a good glass of wine.

Dr. Julio Saumet is a caring obstetrician-gynecologist who listens to his patients’ needs. He is highly invested and has conducted several published works to promote the development of methods to palliate infertility. In fact, he co-authored a scientific article published in 2018 in the Canadian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (JOGC) on egg freezing to alleviate age-related fertility decline. His openness to the world and his curiosity have led him to be open to cultural diversity. He is fluent in three languages: French, English and Spanish! He is a kind-hearted man, father of two, who ensures a human and welcoming experience. He loves tennis and regularly rides his mountain bike when he has the opportunity.

What is most fascinating about Dr. Kamga’s and Dr. Saumet’s backgrounds is the humility with which they share their knowledge and their many scientific and academic involvements. Above all, they are passionate friends who celebrate life and care about their clients. The dedication and support they offer to the company is more than remarkable!